How do I find a link to a story I saw on TV?

Ken Haddad
Ken Haddad

If you're looking for the link to a story you saw on TV, on ClickOnDetroit, there are some key places you should look.

First off, if the story aired within the last hour, it may take a few minutes to get posted, so check back a bit later.

Secondly, if it fits into any of these Local 4 buckets, the story is probably on the pages linked below:

Additionally, if you open up the ClickOnDetroit menu, you'll see a search bar, which is useful for finding something that aired in the past.


You can also check our YouTube channel for the latest videos being published.

Still looking? Submit a request, and we'll take a look.

Please note: Not every thing that airs on TV is posted to ClickOnDetroit.

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