Where to recycle in Detroit

Ken Haddad
Ken Haddad

The City of Detroit offers free, curbside recycling to all single-family homes and buildings with 1-4 units.

(If you live in a larger apartment building, you can drop off recyclables at Recycle Here!, the city’s free recycling drop-off site. You can also ask your property manager about adding recycling service to your building.)

Request a FREE cart:

1. Play our online Recycling Challenge Game and request a cart when you win!


2. Call Green Living Science (313) 871-4000 ext 3. or Zero Waste Detroit (313) 986-2990 to attend a recycling workshop


Commercial Recycling Program

  • A recycling program for businesses and multifamily (5 or more units) buildings 

Recycle Right & Recycle More! 

Click here to learn more about how to recycle in Detroit!


Find Your Waste Pickup Schedule

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