What should I do if my pet is missing?

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Search for your pet

Many organizations recommend the first thing any pet owner should do is to search their property and neighborhood for their missing pet.

Talk to anyone you come across who might have seen your lost pet. Ask your family and friends to help with your search so you can cover more ground.

Call your pet's name loudly and check anywhere they could have become trapped (basements, garages, or under vehicles).

If your neighbors have security cameras, you can ask them to check if they caught footage of your missing pet. If they did, this can give you an idea of which direction your pet was heading.

Is your pet microchipped?

If your pet is microchipped, you should verify and update your information with the microchip manufacturer.

Share photos of your missing pet online

If you have a Facebook account, you can share a photo of your pet and their details to a Facebook group.

There is likely a Facebook group already created for the city you live in. If you are not already a member of that group, join, and share the information with your local group.

You can also share your post with the following Michigan groups:

If you do not have Facebook, here are some other sites you can share your missing pet to: Nextdoor, Craiglist, FidoFinder, PetFBI, Lost Dogs of America, Mission Reunite, and/or Petco LoveLost.

Create a missing pet poster

Use an easily identifiable photo (or photos) of your pet to create a missing or lost pet sign.

You should print these signs and put them up in your neighborhood in post offices, libraries, pet supply stores, veterinary offices, and grocery stores. If you put them up outside, you can put them in large Ziplock bags to ensure they do not get destroyed or damaged by rain.

Make sure to include anything unique or identifiable about your pet, if they're outgoing or shy, where and when they were lost, and a way to contact you.

Adobe Express has free missing or lost pet poster templates, you can view them here.

Contact animal shelters in your area

You should reach out to animal shelters and animal control agencies in and near the city where your pet was last seen.

You can also check with your local law enforcement, in some cities they handle animal control calls. If they are not involved, they should be able to tell you who to call next.

Because identifying an animal via a verbal description may be difficult, you should try visiting animal shelters in your area in person to check for your pet. Bring a clear photo of your pet with you.

Remember to be patient and kind when speaking with animal control staff. Describe your pet in as much detail as possible and ask if you can email them a photo of your pet or leave a poster at the shelter.

Don't lose hope

Michigan Humane says that pet owners should not lose hope during a search for their pet. They said families have been reunited after months, and in some cases years, of separation.

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