What should I do if I find a lost pet?

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Only capture a lost pet if you can do so without putting yourself in danger.

Treats are a good way to gain an animal's trust. You should use a calm and gentle voice and not make sudden movements.

If the dog is wearing a collar, check for an ID tag and contact the owner. If the phone number doesn't work or if there isn't any information you can try the next steps.

Check the area nearby

If people live near where you found the pet, you can check with residents to see if they know where it belongs.

Is the pet microchipped?

Your local veterinarian or animal shelter should be able to scan the pet to check for a microchip and if the pet is chipped, they will reach out to the owner or microchip company for you.

Share photos of the pet online

If you have a Facebook account, you can share a photo of the pet and where you found them to a Facebook group.

There is likely a Facebook group already created for the city you live in. If you are not already a member of that group, join, and share the information with your local group.

The people in your local Facebook page might recognize the animal and be able to tell you where it belongs.

You can also share your post with the following Michigan Facebook groups:

If you do not have Facebook, here are some other sites you can share the found pet to: Nextdoor, Craiglist, FidoFinder, PetFBI, Lost Dogs of America, Mission Reunite, and/or Petco LoveLost.

Leave the pet with an animal shelter

If you have been unable to locate the owner of the pet, you can drop the animal off with a local shelter or animal control. Michigan Humane has a database of shelters online.

Create a found pet poster

Use an easily identifiable photo (or photos) of the animal to create a found pet sign.

You can print these signs and put them up in your neighborhood in post offices, libraries, pet supply stores, veterinary offices, and grocery stores. If you put them up outside, you can put them in large Ziplock bags to ensure they do not get destroyed or damaged by rain.

Make sure to include anything unique or identifiable about the pet, where and when they were found, and a way to contact you or the animal shelter where you left the pet.

Adobe Express has free missing or lost pet poster templates that can easily be edited, you can view them here.

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