How do I sign up for WDIV Insider?

Ken Haddad
Ken Haddad

Signing up for WDIV Insider is totally free -- and simple!

All you have to do is click here to sign up.

What is WDIV Insider?

It’s a free membership program that brings you into the news gathering process and unlocks exclusive access and features.

Insiders gain access to tools to contribute to the news of the day, and they gain a voice in our coverage decisions. Your input could break open a story, or help someone in need. 

Along with contributing to the news, Insiders receive exclusive opportunities. They’re eligible for exclusive Insider contests and opportunities for unique access to community events. 

You'll be part of Insider surveys, polls, quizzes, educational courses, and more. You'll have a direct line to your favorite local news station! And you'll be the first to know about the biggest Local 4 announcements.

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