How do I file a complaint with the Michigan Attorney General's office?

Ken Haddad
Ken Haddad

Here's information from the Michigan AG on what to know before filing a complaint:

  • Complaints and supporting materials become public records when they are submitted to the Attorney General’s office. This means that under the Michigan Freedom of Information Act, some of your materials may be disclosed to anyone who asks for them.
  • Your complaint may be sent to the business you are complaining about, and it may be sent to other governmental agencies for their review.
  • Some complaints may become the subject of civil or criminal cases and may be disclosed as part of a court proceeding.
  • Any information that you give to us will not be sold, rented, or leased.
  • We do not return documents, so make copies of everything that you submit and do NOT submit any original documents.
  • Do not send sensitive personal information, like your social security number or credit card information, unless it is necessary for the investigation of your complaint.
  • If you believe that you must submit sensitive information, then please send the complaint and any attachments by mail and include your name or Attorney General file number if you have one .Never send sensitive personal information in an email.
  • Not all consumer complaints are handled by the Attorney General. By law, many other state and federal agencies assist consumers. Consult the Complaint Directory to find the agency or division that can best help you.

Click here to browse complaint categories and to find filing information.

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