How do I download Local 4+ on my TV?

Ken Haddad
Ken Haddad

Local 4′s new TV streaming app gives you more local news -- whenever you want it.

What is Local 4+?

It’s our new TV streaming app that you can download on most smart TVs, or Smart TV devices.

It works the same way as watching Netflix or Hulu on your TV, if you do that already. Local 4+ would just be another app you download on your TV.

How do I get Local 4+?

Local 4+ is available on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon and most other Smart TV devices and TV sets .Just search “Local 4″ or “WDIV” to download it.

You would look for it in the app store of your device or TV, just like you would if you were downloading any other app.

Note: It's currently NOT available for Samsung TVs.

Why can’t I download Local 4+ on my phone or tablet?

Because Local 4+ is not a mobile app, it’s only for your TV. To stream Local 4′s news on your phone or tablet, download the ClickOnDetroit News App, or watch live on ClickOnDetroit.

Does it cost me anything to download?

It’s totally free to download and to use, 24/7.

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