How can I purchase a copy of my Michigan driving record?

Ken Haddad
Ken Haddad

To purchase a certified copy of your record online:

How do I make corrections to my driving record?

  • If you see discrepancies on your driving record, you will need to contact the listed court for tickets and the listed police department for accidents. Corrections will then be sent to the Michigan Department of State to update your record. If you need to discuss other details of your record, call our Driver Records Activity Unit at 517-636-6406.

    Can I purchase a driving record for another person?
    In most cases, Michigan residents must purchase their own records. The following exceptions are allowed by law:

    Commercial and governmental agency users
    The Michigan Department of State allows commercial and governmental users to obtain driver’s license, vehicle, mobile home, watercraft, and recreational vehicle records under certain specified conditions.

    Driving Record Subscription Service
    The Driving Record Subscription Service provides organizations with the driving records of their employees on an annual basis, or whenever there are violations, restrictions, suspensions, or revocations posted to the driving record.

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