How can I use the Michigan Carpool Parking Lot Program?

Ken Haddad
Ken Haddad

The Michigan Carpool Parking Lot Program (sometimes referred to as Park and Ride) began as a pilot program in 1974 with 11 carpool parking lots.

There are 243 MDOT-owned carpool lots and an additional 17 located at Meijer stores across Michigan - providing nearly 9,000 parking spaces. Approximately 3,900 vehicles park in these lots every day. 


Restrictions and Use

There are no restrictions on how long you may leave a vehicle at a carpool parking lot. However, if a vehicle appears abandoned it may be tagged and towed by local law enforcement. If you plan to park in a carpool lot longer than 48 hours, it is recommended that you contact local law enforcement or Michigan State Police for enforcement practices.

Park at your own risk. MDOT cannot assure the security of you, your vehicle, or the contents of your vehicle. If you are concerned about safety, we encourage you to use carpool lots that are lighted and/or are in higher traffic areas.


Meijer Carpool Lot Partnership

Several Meijer stores across Michigan now have marked parking spaces for carpool parking. While most Meijer stores do not place restrictions on how long a vehicle may be parked in their lot, it is recommended that users contact the local Meijer to verify the store's carpool parking policy. Trailblazing signs on major roads near the Meijer locations will help motorists locate these spaces.


Click here to view a map of carpool lots.

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