Where to find clothing/household items for baby and mom

Ken Haddad
Ken Haddad

Maternity Clothes

As your pregnancy progresses, you may need maternity clothing. See these free and low cost stores providing maternity clothing.

Children’s Clothes

You can find new or second hand infant and children’s clothing by using Michigan 211. Additionally, mom-to-mom clothing sales are a great way to get infant clothing from other Michigan moms selling their children’s gently used clothing.

Baby Furniture

Find new or secondhand baby furniture such as cribs and strollers by using Michigan 211. You may also find baby furniture and household items for a reduced price at thrift stores such as Good Will and Volunteers of America.

Additionally, certified cardboard sleeping spaces, called baby boxes, keep your baby safe and in the proper sleeping position. Enroll in Baby Box University to get your free baby box.

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