Where to find homeless youth, runaway services in Michigan

Ken Haddad
Ken Haddad

Locate a Shelter for Runaway Youth

To locate a runaway and homeless youth shelter or center near you, call 800-621-4000 or visit 1800runaway.org. The Family & Youth Services Bureau offer safe places, shelter, and life skills development for run way and homeless youth. Select a program type below to see what is available in your county. 

Youth Programs

Michigan Youth Challenge Academy is a training school run by the National Guard for at-risk youth or those that have dropped out of school. Cadets live, work, and study on-site for 20 weeks, learning life skills and preparing for the GED. There is no cost to participate or military obligation.

Furthermore, those youth at risk for running away or becoming homeless can sign up for Community-Based Mentoring (CBM) by Big Brothers and Big Sisters provides a positive adult contact to encourage youth.

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