Where to find help paying for long-term care in Michigan

Ken Haddad
Ken Haddad

The options for paying for senior care are partly dependent on the types of care required.  Use the LongTermCare.gov Pathfinder to start planning ahead. Then use the Eldercare Financial Assistance Locator to be matched to programs available in your area.

The following are common ways to pay for Long-Term Care:
Paying from Savings or Privately
Using Health Insurance
Qualifying for Medicaid. Apply through MI Bridges.
Using Life Insurance Paying from Savings or Privately to Pay for Long-Term Care
Getting a Senior Care Bridge Loan
Using Long-Term Care Insurance
Exploring Long-Term Care for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

A stay longer than 30 days in a nursing care facility may not be covered by Medicare and other insurances. Read AARP’s Understanding Long-Term Care Insurance and the MDHHS Nursing Home Eligibility booklet for answers to common questions.

Medicaid benefits may be available for those who quality. Contact a MichiganMedicare/Medicaid Assistance Program (MMAP) counselor at 800-803-7174 for more information.

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